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The Wine and Liquor Depot in Lake Balboa carries a vast amount of craft beer brands that are more than suitable for all our customers. You might be thinking: What is craft beer? To be fair, there isn’t one sole definition for what craft beer is. Beer, much like wine, can be very subjective. A loose description of craft beer is a beer that is not brewed by a mega-brewery. Although it is not exactly a precise definition, that is usually what the phrase means when it is said.

The Brewer’s Association defines craft beer as beer made by a brewer that is small, independent, and traditional. However, there are some beer companies who make beer just as good, if not better, who don’t fit these standards. With that being said, just because certain beers are not considered “craft” does not mean they are not quality brews. When you browse our stock of beer, you will notice we do not discriminate beer by these qualifications. Instead, we sell beer that is superior quality.

Types of beer we have in store:

  • IPAs
  • Craft Beers
  • Sours
  • Imperial Stouts
  • Pale Ales
  • Barley Wines
  • American Strong Ales
  • Barrel Aged Stouts
  • Craft Ciders

Brands we carry:

  • Firestone Walker
  • The Bruery
  • Bell’s
  • The Lost Abbey
  • San Fernando Brewing Company
  • Almanac
  • And many more!

We always receive new products. From hard to find and rare beers to household favorites, we have it all. So, stop by and browse our choices of beer. We guarantee you will find something you will love. With us by your side, you will not go thirsty!

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Mon - Sat: 10am - 6pm, Sun: Closed
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